Sunday, 29 June 2008

Alexa Alexa...

Ok i come back to my former ICON, Alexa Chung.... after I feel like she's all over the place... now I come back to her and search for the inspiration again....well she's pretty and well-dressed have to give her credit for that.... xx

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N°3 -Taking pics

I like A boy in the first pic that was taken pic. By the way im still really crezy about Yvan from facehunter...he's so sexy!

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1. From fashionweek in berlin
2. From "BLESS" i love this artist group they are so fantastic

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Inspiration N°1

I My work do need loads of imagination and magik to produce a great output. I love flipping through magazines and look at other people pictures ...and read stuffs in wikipedia is my inspiration N°1 ...

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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Hurricane Jane,new single from Black Kids out tomorrow!!

You gotta love them! Black kids are just great! These 5 jacksonville dudes are making some quality tunes here. I think the vocal is great and the music is something I like for the next 6 months.I love the track "I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you / boyfriend (The twelve remix)" and this Hurricane Jane (the twelve remix) is so nice.

who wouldnt like The tweleves?

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Nerd Glasses Still going strong!

In Project Runway, Heidi said "In fashion One day you're in,The next day you're out" But for Nerd glasses, it wont happen that easy to be out of dated. Nerd glasses becomes another accessories for the real fashionista,and they are not ready to drop them yet. It proofs itself that it's not just like another piece of fashion that just comes and go...but still sexy and going strong. Thanks for Terry richardson for the inspiration and Luella that makes Geek chic look so hot!

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Kate Moss in W, What Katie does next?

Daria Werbowy, Kate Moss and Lara Stone : OH My Katie........she's my first love..altho she's not so inspring anymore ....but I will keep her in the icon section still. It's hard to be on top all the time afterall. It's a fact. So what Katie does next? x

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Because We're worth it, House of Victor&Rolf

London’s Barbican Art Gallery is hosting a 15 year retrospective of Viktor & Rolf’s clever, inventive fashion collections. Fifty-five iconic pieces from past collections have been re-created in miniature and are displayed on custom made porcelain dolls. The clothing is replicated - no single detail is left out - even the model’s makeup looks are recreated on the dolls’ faces. Some of the dolls are displayed in a doll house, standing 28 feet tall, complete with spiral staircases and intricately detailed doorways. When asked what it was like to create the doll pieces, “It was like [doing] 30 collections,” says Horsting, explaining some of the patterns and prints had to be redesigned to fit the scale of a doll.”
The show opens on Wednesday, June 18th in London through September 21st. Barbican will also be hosting a Viktor & Rolf shop which will sell the Viktor & Rolf exhibition catalog, as well as limited edition postcards, limited edition versions of their fragrances, and a specially commissioned limited edition scarf designed by Viktor & Rolf. This exhibit is definitely a must see - I really hope this show travels to the U.S.!

Text&pic credit : Misscrew

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I like this one but it's pretty pricey..

Just when we thought the love affair between fashion and super heroes was winding down, Colette uploads this piece of action-packed jewelry to their ever so popular online boutique.
Designed by Japan’s version of Jacob the Jeweler, Antonio Murphy & Astro, the Pow! necklace comes in black, white, and various bold neon colors with silver or gold chains.
Unlike your typical Batman tees and Wonder Woman catsuits, this is going to cost more than twenty bucks - $180 more to be exact. But when you’re rocking something as frighteningly amazing as this necklace , how can you take a pass.

pic&text credit: misscrew

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Friday, 13 June 2008

The Cocktail by Jane Rocca

Originally uploaded by about_sonia
How many time you bought the books just by its cover? This Cocktail recipe book contains some very good illustrations. So well if you love those pictures and also buy this book! xx

Rum Like cocktail

Originally uploaded by about_sonia
I love Rum!!

Manhattan Cocktail

Originally uploaded by about_sonia

I love this one the most.....both the cocktail and the picture. It reminds me of the movie 'Ciao Manhattan'

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I also wish you a DIVINE weekend!

I came across this beautiful grafiks from Woman agency Blog, I love it. Hope it inspires you in someway... have a good weekend peeps!
(pic from Woman Management BlOG, illustrator: ryoko, laura)

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Nice Flyer..

I know Im pretty useless when it comes to blog. I never show anything so new and fast and ...and..... here and maybe there're only me and some mates who ACTUALLY care what I'm writing about. In this case, this flyer is out of date in a meaning of ...the party was already passed. But what actually remains is the beauty of it. The band names are perfect... 'So So Death( SSD)', 'Puppet Messiah' and 'Doing Alot Soundsystem' I know its just the name but if I have my own new rave band I ll probably choose one of them, no wonder. I also really like the design. It's just simple but nice. It's a after exhibition party from London College of Communication. It's just nice..I want to go already just by seeing it.

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Thursday, 12 June 2008

My Summer Look VOL.2

OK, an alternative to my 'summer look vol.1' will be something like this..... manquilin tailor look. Of course this look comes with Geek glass for women ....but since im not into geek glass anymore and also irrina 's look makes me I guess i need to find another way to make this look different...for sure i ll also avoid the grandpa hat also. ...well the girl who can pull this look off perfectly would be Diane Keaton. I love every clothes she wore in "Annie Hall" It's a shame Diane should remain cool till now but she was weird for a while. Anyway, I ll find the way to pull this look off without trying too hard. See you also in my summerlook vol.2 :D
(pic from facehunter)

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Sheila Marquez

I love Sheila Marquez !!! Forget Aggy,irrina and all those model-turn-style icon, this spanish model is smoking hot! I saw her a while back and now she's my favourite model. So from now on I ll spend hours google her on flickr and photobucket. Yes, I'm pathetic!!! ha!?

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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Lily Allen GOES PINK!

I wanna be rich I want loads of money..................Do you like Lily's new song 'I don't know'? I just love it! Do we all forget that this young girl is just brilliant? Maybe tabloid won't help you understand her songs better. But this girl is witty,fun and fearless. Hey dark humour makes her lyrics stand out ....and do we care about how many time she changes her hair color? Well...yeah we care...hahaha (im a sucker for pop culture) ...when she went blonde I think she looks great but by the time pass...i think her look on the CD cover is better. But we need to experiment in our appearences,don't we? hopefully it's worth for the good future to come....

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Superrzaaap Party : Because We are Your Friend!

I WONT MISS THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, here they come...the party of the year 'SuperrZaaap Store grand opening party". So if you are their F.R.I.E.N.D.S don't miss it!! It's on 21th of June, 808 RCA, BANG-COCK town...and dont forget the dresscode it is space and robot. See y'all there!!! xx

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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Olympic High for Yelle

soo beautiful..................I so want one....
Olympia High For Yelle customized by Manu Custom design by Faker (Le Coq Sportif's )

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