Tuesday, 26 August 2008

NICE TOPS Girlfriend!

So...I take a look at this girl myspace, she's possible Johnny (Gun$ n bomb$) gf. And I love those tops,dress she wore from the shoot! x

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Colour me my love.....

It's been a crezy day today, the politic here isnt that good.Today it's getting worst....... Though I have to admit that I never enjoy thai politic as much as this before. First you always have this thing on top of your head that the politics will stay bad and it's nothing to do with it. BAD politicians are still bad and always have their place and win the election. (sorry guys I do my best) Duh! that's what;s common here. But now some group of people fighting for their right and get enough of all the bullshits, they fight.... and I wonder if they could bring back JUSTICE to this country. ...I'm waiting....

Anyway, as much as I love politics, my new obssession is this guy Johnny from Gun$ n Bomb$. I always love guys with loads of color on them and what i mean here is clothes and kicks. And Johnny has a lot on him! Ok I think I sound like an idoit here but that maybe because I'm hungry now. Or maybe it because I slept pretty late last night. Anyway, what inspires me maybe inspires you....so here are some Johnny's pics I love every T he has on....what a stylish hot guy!

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Thursday, 21 August 2008


I got a chance to meet this girl 'MEW', a copy writer and an owner of 'ABC' clothing. For some reason this girl has so much in comon with me ..style wise...but the way we project ourselves are different. She's more streetvibe, I'm more like Alexa Chung-ish. But we the kind of girls who like skate,sneakers, Pharell and nice graphic t. // Then I read her blog http://abctime.wordpress.com/ I just think this girl rocks! so she's officially my 'ROCKSTAR OF THE DAY' //This month

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Monday, 11 August 2008

my inspiration ..since my last post...