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Monday, 27 October 2008

THOUGHTS by Paul Smiths

by Paul Smith

Start something new
Take pleasure seriously
Work is not about shorter hours or longer hours, it's about every hour
Look at the world through the eyes of someone you respect, admire and love
You can't do it without doing it
Make room to break the rules
Stop making sense... Logic is predicatable... Think differently

Paul Smith


Life...as the way it is...

Today my mom is in a hospital, so I try to clam myself down and stay focus at work. Before I drove in the office, I said to myself 'focus focus focus' and what's my mission for the next...say....3 hours? I will keep sufing through everyone's myspace mainly just listen to the music....so I will start looking at my lovely friend 'IVANIA' myspace and I will keep surfing through to see how's everyone's myspace songs are... and what i didnt tell u was...while I m looking and listen to ne music from everyone i will also focus on my design too hahah....anyway here are som photos I like...i kept them in my comp and never have enough time to upload them yet...so here we go....hope u enjoy yr day folks!

Friday, 24 October 2008

Isn't she lovely?

I love those dress....and how they put it together...

The girl in white T is my new style hottie (yes, australian model Jess hart!)

Disturbing the Peace //Disco Villians --10 stars remix!!

Just check out SUPERRZAAAP STORE blog and saw this....

and since Pype introduced me to Ed bangers ages ago...so it makes easy to trust his visons in music ...very nice remix indeed!!!
Following texts r from Superrzaaap!!

Louie Fresco and Tony/Edit are two Mexican/Americans who make up the electro-due known as Disco Villains. It has not been determined where they are from exactly… as the details are sketchy. Coming up they have and will be playing/played many shows in and around Mexico with the likes of Hearts Revolution.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Don't leave me high...don't leave me dry....

Don't leave me high....don't leave me dry....

all I want is.....those name tartan necklaces from 'Lady luck rules ok" , Marc x kaws flat shoes, some nice jewelry....beautiful skirts and some nice hats....nice kicks from KISS X VANS ...and some nice paintings from 'Pokadot wolfs'....

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

MY NEW OBSESSION -Andrea Crews!!

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!!!!No way no way!!!--- I'M FALLING IN LOVE WITH THIS BRAND!!! Andrea Crews!! --the prints, the color the way they present it..... I just love everything about them....check it out and see if the love is flashing through yr eyes.....

"Andrea Crews, the design collective from Paris, France, presents their Fall 08 Collection: Carnival Bauhaus. You can always expect fun and quirky designs from the Crew. Most certainly not for the shy, you are guaranteed bold colors, shapes and graphics every season and the Fall collection is just that! The collection takes on many ethnic/tribal influences mixed with silhouettes reminiscent of the 80’s and will most certainly get you noticed! Don’t be shy grrrrl, get yours and turn heads while doing it!" (credit :text from misscrew)

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