Thursday, 24 July 2008

Jason Schwartzman...the man to love

My taste in music tends to slightly change a bit, now I am into the band like 'The unicorns','Earlimart','Liam Finn','Evangelicals','Seabear', 'Bell X1' ,'blackkids'..which are something more chilly,american but yet cool. It's hard to describe their music style but those bands created the scenery around my head that I'm floating around the sunny california or sleeping on the grass somewhere scandinavian. ..anyway,today I surfing through Wes Anderson fan page and heard this song "Westcoast by the coconut records" and that was my big discovery. Finding a great band is like looking for clothes in chairity shop, you need to have a great eyes for it and keep looking. ....... When I first listened to Coconut records I thought it was Phoenix... the vocal is similar. Then I found that Jason Schwartzman made this band. I know that he was in 'Phantom Planet' before but he's like a drummer or something but for me this band is much better. I wiki him and just know that he's a nephew of Francis ford coppola and a cousin of sophia ! also his bro is in the Rooney. It's weird but i never found this guy sexier than this b4. I do believe that good taste comes from gene and how you bought up. Well at least thats the big influences in your life...... I once saw a niece of sofia coppola in teenvouge and she is so great in photography. her talents is beyond her years. So do sofia and other folks in her family.
And every cds from coconut records,there re some polaroid with it that Jason took it himself. Thats such a good idea. I guess i need to watch Darjeeling limited again cos i think i start to falling in love with him! xo

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Colette,Close for a re-fit

Every designer’s favourite Parisian hang-out, Colette, may be closed for a re-fit but it’s still worth a visit to see Anthony Burrill’s window designs…The store asked Burrill to provide some suitably graphic coverings to hide the work going on inside over the summer, so he obliged with these construction sign-themed illustrations. Colette re-opens at the end of August while Burrill himself has a show there early next year.
text: Creative Review

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What I want...

Im so into this kinda jeans at the moment...i saw it a while back but just now that I want to wear. Gosh I hate it when I want to wear sth and I dont have it now. I want to be like a movie star that u just can have everything u want by just snapping yr finger...i know that would be too easy but still....... It could be wonderful too! xx



Titled “Daytripper”, this shoot by Oyster Magazine is irreverent, iconic and beautifully executed. Photographer Georges Antoni has managed to set a scene of luxe bag ladies in extravagant costumes doing ordinary, everyday tasks like walking the baby and smoking a cigarette. With a who’s who of Australian design talent from Sass & Bide to the divine creations of Toni Maticevski, the stylist, Laura Gorun has created voluminous turbans from designer jackets to explore the “fashion as art” aesthetic. - Kate Vandermeer

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Pierre Hardy special limited edition ‘Cruzeiro’

Pierre Hardy ,I admire every designs Pierre Hardy have made. It's a fullfillment of great taste and quality materials. Like this Limited Edition 'Cruzeiro' sneakers in metallic calfskin, arriving in Dover Streey Market (London) on 15th May, is a good example for what I've just said.

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well just love the pictures... xx

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Thursday, 10 July 2008


I love the outfits,esp. that lovely blue suit jacket, and those make up with the little heart on the nose could be my new party make up! xx
pic credit : The Cobrasnake

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N°4 A Party to die for

This party is sooooo my style. So if u see these stuffs could influence my work in one way or another, don't be surprised!!! I JUST LOVE cardboard box and those abandon boxes.. and I need a party like this to happen here more!!!!!! No more 808!!!

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Camille From Childhoodframes..

I spend most of my time checking out other people's blog if I have got one evening free. Since I moved back to bangkok years ago, there arent so may things here that inspires me enough, fashion wise. So stalking those bloggers are my new obsessed.Don't get me wrong, people here dress quite well but mostly only a few that really gains my respect (don;t hate me Im a tough judge!). Anyway,those bloggers who dresswell and picture well are all over the places these days. So why not taking inspiration from them? The girl in those pics above is Camille from Childhoodframe. I just love her style! I 'm now into those wide pants with simple t and tube skirt with simple-t so much. I'm looking for a great black or grey tube skirt right now, hopefully I get one soon. Let me know if there re one that 's nice for me! x

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