Tuesday, 30 December 2008


alex da corte, i found this artist's works from coolhunting video. so inspirational and random. I m so jealous that some artist could live their lives just doing what they wanna do and people interested in (at least seem like it is)

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Hello frenchie...

God bless french woman......Carla Bruni n Francoise Hardy //I trade their beauty anytime....xx

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Playground Love...part2

Thanks for STARSKI for those cute images!!! love u always STARSKI...sorry i didnt go last night...will tell you why later... xx

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Merry X mas everyone and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU AK!!!!! so this is christmas, what have you done? Finally it's x mas day, I always love x mas esp. when you celebrate it with people you love like yr friends. Anyway, I don't try to make my blog as my diary....sometimes its ok to read some soppy things in blogs but I try not to make mine like that....so here s my wonderful found...this french lebel 'Sessùn' I saw it b4 in WAD magazine and I kinda forgot it...so im really happy to see them again.... I love this brand now and I do hope i ll have an amazing brand like this in the near future....! xxx


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

This modern love....wastes me..

I'M AT tcdc,
AND THIS MODERN LOVE wastes me....

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Monday, 22 December 2008

Charlotte Ronson Fall 08

Tartan catz once asked me if I could be a muse for any brands, which brands I was interested. I simply said 'Channel.' Another brand is 'Charlotte Ronson' It would be my dream to wear those clothes........

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You're my Playground! Love...

Finally ..it's already the last month of the year. I still feel like I just started my job for only a few months. Now it will be another year to come, hopefully it ll bring happiness and joy to me and people I love. What I want is just another happy life, I hope to learn to live and learn something new next year. This year I learnt that I shouldn't give 100% to people who I shouldn't be friends with, at the same time I won't give up my believe in people. I will never let anything ruin my optimism. Because Optimism is not something that you can get easily, you need a good attitude and strong belief in it then you ' ll be a happy person when you own them. hahah ok I sound like a very fragile girl who were in a cold war and need a warm blanket to cover up my scars. Alright...I hope I won't be like this next year...thanks for all you guys who really love me and always believe in me....like those of my ex colleages who I found a true friendships, I called it 'Playground! love" //Playground! Little get together 2008 at Vanilla Industry.
Love u all...P tob,Starski,Jules star,Beethoven,P Paisarn, Mick,Pype,Ique,Tao,Ead p wen and my sweet tartan catz...u guys rock! xxx(ps. thanks for bkkstreethunter for these lovely photos :) )

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Sunday, 21 December 2008

BONG GONG ! = Miss Dior Chérie by sofia coppolla...

it's been so quiet.. shhh....shhhh!!...


Since ive been bullied at work, so my life isnt' so FRESH N' HAPPY at the moment...hahah ...guys...seriously...no worries...it will pass.....well ...ive been reading people's blogs for the whole morning and seemed like a lot of people already have their wishlists ..all are so exciting!!.I want millions of things of course!! I cant remember all...so here are some of my wishlists...
1. I want my teeth like this... (I promise to do something for my teeth next year!!)

2. IPOD CASE from Superrzaaap!..

3. Cassette playa x Nike Blazer also avaible at superrzaaap!

Monday, 1 December 2008


Please come to Arcadia's this wed!!! I ll DJ for the first time...it will be sucked but who's care when u are drunk right?? xx

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